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Taking Tick-Borne Diseases Seriously

Public Health officials issue a warning about a tick-borne disease. The more common Lyme disease is getting some long-overdue attention as well. By Anthony F. Hall, Lake George Mirror (Reproduced with permission.) Last week, Warren County’s public health officials...

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NEW: Lyme Action Network ZOOM Series

Global pandemics, it turns out, make the work of Lyme disease educators and advocates about 1000 times more challenging.  This past spring, as ticks were biting their way throughout the country, those of us who customarily sound the alarms have been hobbled....

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Bitten by a Tick?

If you are bitten by a tick (that means the tick attaches to your skin), there are a few tips that will make things easier for you as you learn about what you need to do next. Take a picture of the tick in your skin. Do not squeeze, burn, put alcohol on or otherwise...

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Say Yes to the Test

Holly Ahern, MS, MT(ASCP), Vice President, Lyme Action Network; Scientific Advisor, Focus on Lyme Developing an accurate diagnostic test for Lyme disease remains a scientific challenge. Current serological tests show limited clinical accuracy, and the development of...

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Medical Stalemate

by Professor Holly Ahern Over the past few weeks, there has been discussion about an article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun, which reported on Lyme disease research. The study, one of several undertaken by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, focuses on...

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