Lyme Action Network and SUNY Adirondack present


Award-Winning Author and Journalist



Discussing her experiences researching the Lyme controversies and her new book




April 3, 2018

6pm – 7pm  –  Book signing

7pm – 9pm  –  Presentation



Scoville Hall, SUNY Adirondack

640 Bay Rd., Queensbury, NY

Lyme:  The First Epidemic of Climate Change  

documents the human contribution to the dangerous spread of Lyme disease to dozens of countries and multitudes of people.  In a book based firmly in science, award-winning author and investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer shows ticks climbing mountains and crossing borders as temperatures rise and ecosystems alter. As important, Pfeiffer challenges medical dogma that has underestimated the danger of this growing menace, leaving many untreated.  Lyme is an impeccably researched account of an enigmatic disease, drawing from over 300 peer-reviewed articles and dozens of expert interviews.  Pfeiffer makes a powerful case for action to combat ticks, address patient pain, and recognize humanity’s role in creating an epidemic.




“This book throws new light on one more danger caused by climate change. Pfeiffer points out the importance not only of combating ticks but also the need for doctors to respond quickly and provide appropriate treatment. A stark warning that Lyme is but the tip of the iceberg.” 

   –Jane Goodall, Founder 

     The Jane Goodall Institute

     UN  Messenger of Peace



“Pfeiffer’s book is a superbly written piece of investigative reporting… Pfeiffer deftly weaves together the story of two modern scourges, clearly demonstrating the myriad links between mankind’s destruction of the environment and the epidemic spread of this insidious tick-borne infectious disease that slowly robs patients of their livelihoods and their lives.  The reality of the current epidemic is made all the more terrible by her exposition of the politicization of the healthcare system by a small, influential group of out-of-touch physicians who by their actions are vastly increasing the suffering of the afflicted by preventing needed research, and attacking their fellow physicians who are doing their best to attend to a desperate patient population.”

— Garth D. Ehrlich,

    Drexel University College of Medicine


The Lyme Action Network and the Town of Guilderland present

Professor Holly Ahern



What You NEED to Know About Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases will draw from peer-reviewed and published research to explain the nature of the pathogens that are carried by ticks, strategies to avoid tick bites, the problems with diagnostic tests, and treatment issues and options.

Professor Ahern is co-founder and Vice-President of the Lyme Action Network. She serves as science advisor to a number of other tick-borne disease research and advocacy organizations around the country, as well, and was recently appointed to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Working Group on Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases – Subcommittee for Testing and Diagnostics, where she is working with experts representing ALL perspectives to develop better solutions for the victims of tick-borne diseases.  Her encyclopedic knowledge about the microbiology of the pathogens carried by ticks and the body of research conducted in this field over the past 40 years has made her an “opinion leader”, a sought-after speaker and consultant. Prof. Ahern is frequently called upon to explain the complex microbiology of tick-borne diseases to medical professionals, business executives, the general public, and the media, helping to clarify common misunderstandings that plague this topic. Professor Ahern has presented testimony to legislators and legislative bodies at both state and federal levels seeking to focus attention on the massive problems being created by a universally unsatisfactory response to a disease of epidemic proportions, and the critical need to reform a medical paradigm that has failed the victims.

Her video series, Lyme Bites, on the Lyme Action Network’s YouTube channel has been viewed by thousands of people around the globe.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

WHEN:  April 10, 2018  at 7:00pm

WHERE:  Guilderland Town Hall

                5209 Western Turnpike, Guilderland, NY 12084